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WatchJust – Franck Muller Heart Rose Gold Double Layer Diamond Bezel watch

November 25th, 2013

Some people may not be familiar with the watchmaker Franck Muller. Compared to Rolex and Omega, Franck Muller is less reputable. However, it’s sure that the designs of Franck Muller watches can attract people’s attention in every occasion. For men, wearing Franck Muller watch is a way to demonstrate their refined taste and unique personality. For women, Franck Muller watches are fabulous accessories.


 Franck Muller Heart Rose Gold Double Layer Diamond Bezel watch


Heart collection is adored by a lot of women. In this collection, Franck Muller watches are made from precious elements like diamonds, rose gold, white gold and so forth. These designer watches are elegant and fashionable. Here, we are going to introduce a popular model in this collection: Franck Muller Heart Rose Gold Double Layer Diamond Bezel watch.


The name of the watch can tell you some information. For example, the case of the watch is made from 18 ct rose gold, and the bezel is set with double layer diamonds. At the same time, there are some other features that are worth of your attention.




The watch expresses the full sense of elegance and nobleness, and it is thought to be a perfect accessory for women to highlight their femininity. The sinuous and curves silhouette features top quality sapphire crystal glass and fascinating case, which will perfectly embody the wearers’ love for beauty and elegance.


The size of this beautiful Franck Muller Heart Rose Gold Double Layer Diamond Bezel watch is relatively larger than normal ladies’ watches. The case is 34.5 mm in width and the length is about 39.8 mm. The sun-stamped lacquered white dial comes with beautiful red Arabic numerals. Its functions are simple. Driven by a quartz movement, the watch only has hours and minutes functions and there is no seconds hand available. In addition, the watch equips a durable and elegant hand-sewn red alligator strap, which enhances the watch’s attraction and durability.

WatchJust – Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition V Stainless Steel Limited Edition Watch

November 23rd, 2013

Chopard is a noteworthy jeweler. However, in recent years, this famous brand has a new identity: watchmaker. Till now, Chopard has manufactured many fascinating timepieces. Various factors make a contribution to the popularity. Thereinto, design and quality must be highlights of these luxury timepieces. Here, we are about to introduce a new limited edition watch.


Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition V Stainless Steel Limited Edition Watch


The Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition V Stainless Steel Limited Edition watch is designed to pay a tribute to one of the the 20th century’s most famous racing driver. The watch has a refined black dial, which has very good legibility. Undoubtedly, featured with classic color, this watch will easily be matched with different styles of clothing.


This watch is not a simple timekeeper. It is very versatile. The dial can display chronograph complication with advanced flyback function. Meanwhile, the watch features exclusive Chopard 24-hour counter at 6 o’clock on the dial. The history of the exquisite counter deserves to be mentioned. It is a discreet nod to the numbers of victories earned by Jacky Ickx in the Le Mans 24 Hours, which is extremely an endurance race. Because of the commemorative significance, the case back of this Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition V Stainless Steel Limited Edition watch is engraved with Jacky Ickx’s signature.




This racer’s watch has tachometric scale function. The indicators of the Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition V Stainless Steel Limited Edition watch contain not only hours, minutes and small seconds, but also date, chronograph seconds hand, independent 60-minute counter and 24-hour counter. Driven by a self-winding mechanical movement, this Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition V Stainless Steel Limited Edition watch is ensured to have the best performance and long power reserve. The black genuine leather strap makes the watch more classy, elegance and comfortable.


No matter how great this Chopard Jacky Ickx Edition V Stainless Steel Limited Edition watch is, there will be only 2,000 notables or fashion icons have the opportunity to enjoy it, for this quantity of this watch is limited to 2,000 pieces. Other people who want to have a try have to buy replica watches to enjoy the peerless style and functions.

WatchJust Omega Seamaster Diver 300 m – a Professional Model with Great Design

November 22nd, 2013

People with different tastes will choose watch-resistant watches from different brands. Some of them are keen on Rolex Submariner and Rolex Deepsea, while some people yearn for sophisticated Breitling SuperOcean. Here, a professional diving watch with amazing design is highly recommended to professional divers.


Omega Seamaster Diver 300 m


This professional diving watch comes from the sporty Omega Seamaster collection, which is thought to be a tribute to the maritime legacy of Omega. The watch has recognizable details of Omega Seamaster watches and features specific elements. As with the previous models in this famous Omega watch collection, the recently Omega Seamaster Diver 300 m watch pays a tribute to the gorgeous dive watch heritage and the adventurous pioneering spirit of divers.


The new Omega Seamaster Diver 300 m watch has an eye-catching blue dial (the watch dial is available in black as well). Besides water-resistance and timekeeping, the watch is provided with date function. At 3 o’clock, there is an exquisite date window. See through the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, the time on the dial is legible. And it is mentioning that the crystal face applies anti-reflective treatment on both sides, thus the watch can display time in a better vision. This watch is fitted with blue ceramic onesided rotating bezel, which is mounted on the robust 41 mm stainless steel case. At 10 o’clock, there is a professional helium-escape valve used for enhancing the reliability of the water-resistant function.


 Omega Seamaster Diver 300 m


Omega Seamaster Diver 300 m watch is driven by Caliber Omega 2500. The automatic chronometer Co-Axial Escapement movement with rhodium-plated finish can perfectly support the additional chronograph function and make it more reliable under water. By the way, the power reserve of the watch can reach to 48 hours. The robust and durable diving watch is outfitted with a polished stainless steel bracelet. Even if you are not a professional diver, this fabulous Omega watch is worth of trying for sure.

WatchJust Cartier Replica Watches Are Popular Fashion Accessories

November 21st, 2013

If you always keep pace with new fashion trends, you must know that watches these days have become essential fashion accessories for fashionistas. Take a look at the celebrities and fashion icons on TV, you will find that most of them will wear a suitable designer watch to enhance their ensemble. Why? Since the popularization of cellphones allows people to keep time without wearing a watch, some people begin to neglect the importance of these items.


Cartier replica watches


As a matter of fact, the functions of watches can’t be entirely replaced. Maybe cellphones also can keep time, but they often run out of power. Compared to cellphones, watches are loyal timekeeping devices. They not only can keep accurate time for a long time but also have other usages. Timepieces from famous watchmakers are good but they are so expensive that only a few people can afford them. If you don’t want to buy watches with a small fortune, then purchasing replica watches must be the best idea. Almost every brand of designer replica watches can be found at online outlet. Thereinto, Cartier replica watches, with fascinating and creative designs, deserve to be mentioned.


Cartier replica watches


In terms of functionality, Cartier replica watches can’t be comparable to Rolex replica or Breitling replica. However, for people who pay attention to the overall designs and styles of replica watches, Cartier replica watches are able to win their recognition. The shapes of Cartier replica watches are noteworthy. Apart from traditional round shape and Arabic numerals, Cartier replica watches are also available in rectangular, streamlined and square cases. As for numerals, the Roman hour numerals on the dials of Cartier replica watches are very creative and eye-catching. Many people must have been fed up with common round-shaped timepieces. In this case, trying creative and fashionable Cartier replica watches will be a good idea. Just let these popular fashion accessories accentuate your peerless fashion sense and elegance.

WatchJust Rolex Datejust Everose Gold Special Edition – Peerless Elegance for Women

November 20th, 2013

Rolex Datejust is a special collection. Unlike some other professional Rolex watches collections that are designed for specific gender, this largest Rolex collection contains fabulous timepiece for both men and women. The designs between men’s and women’s Rolex Datejust watches are different in various aspects. In general, men’s models are simpler and larger, thus they can perfectly reflect men’s good taste. As for women’s models, added with some other eye-catching elements, are enthralling and fashionable.


Rolex Datejust Everose gold special edition


Rolex had launched a gorgeous Rolex Datejust Special Edition for women, which is truly worth mentioning. The watch belongs to Rolex Oyster family. The primary material for the Datejust Special Edition is Everose gold. The case, bracelet, indicators and hands are all crafted with Everose gold, and this is why this watch has a luxurious and eye-catching look. The overall design of the watch embodies a feminine look.


No one can deny that this watch blends watchmaking art and the irresistible beauty of diamonds and gold. The dial of this gorgeous Rolex Datejust special edition is made from mother-of-pearl and gold. It is adorned with beautiful leaves motif and the six o’clock hour marker is set with high quality diamonds as well as embellished with exclusive Goldust dream. With superb workmanship, this watch signifies the peerless elegance, luxury and classic.


Rolex Datejust Everose gold special edition


This exquisite Rolex Datejust Everose Gold and Diamonds Special Edition is driven by a Perpetual self-winding mechanical movement. It has many considerate designs. The case is 34 mm diameter, which is relatively larger than most women’s watches. Set with highest-quality diamonds, the bezel looks extremely luxurious and beautiful. At 3 o’clock, there is a small date window used for displaying the date. With a magnifying Cyclops lends over the date, the date can be easily read. Outfitted with a 18ct Everose gold concealed folding crown clasp, this fashionable Rolex Datejust Special Edition not only has a high-end look but also can be comfortable to wear.

WatchJust – New IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar

November 19th, 2013

Every year, IWC will create various new timepieces to enhance its watch collections, and 2013 is no exception. This year, IWC has released a number of models, and here we will see an eye-catching model from the famous Pilot collection.


IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar - green


The name of the new IWC watch is IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar. The design of this watch is able to attract people’s attention at the first sight. For example, the metallic tone of the ceramic case is one of the highlights. The dial of the watch is made out of high-end matte anthracite. This model is available in several typical colors, such as green, beige and grey, which are used for underscoring the military-style design. This watch absolutely can be reliable equipment for military. As you see, the strap of the watch is made from extremely tough belts, which are typically used by military air personnel.


The details of the watch reflect the typical deck watches of the 1930s and 40s. On the dial, you will see the usual division into an external chapter ring and an inner hour circle. As before, this IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar watch is provided with additional date display, which can bear a direct resemblance to the altimeter in a cockpit. The flyback function is another highly for this Pilot’s watch. Once you depress the reset button, the running stopwatch hand can return to zero and it will start recording new measurement of time immediately.




The new IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar watch has a 46 mm diameter case and is driven by cablire 89365, and the Mechanical chronograph movement with 35 jewels can support the power reserve for 68 hours. In addition, the inner case looks normal but it is unusual. The case is made from soft-iron and it can prevent the precision of the watch from being affected by magnetism.

WatchJust – Never Miss the Opportunity to Experience Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches

November 18th, 2013

It is a fact that not all Tag Heuer replica watches offered by online stores are of great quality. Maybe you had been cheated by some bad stores and got some poor quality Tag Heuer replica watches. However, if you stop buying these designer replica watches, you will be regretful.


Tag Heuer replica watches


There is no denying that some online stores are not reliable. The Tag Heuer replica watches they sell are made from inferior quality materials, and sometimes the watches you finally receive are not the same models shown in the pictures. Nevertheless, you also can’t deny that Tag Heuer replica watches for sale at some online shops are of excellent quality. Crafted with fine materials, these Tag Heuer replica watches can keep long-lasting precise time. Therefore, you’d better learn how to find reliable store to buy high quality replica Tag Heuer watches rather than miss the opportunity to show off your refined taste.


Tag Heuer replica watches


Search for the keyword “replica Tag Heuer” or related keywords, you will get thousands of results. Some of them will offer you information about replica Tag Heuer and most of them are online stores for you to buy replica Tag Heuer watches. There are two things you should notice when purchasing these replica watches. On the one hand, price is not the only aspect to judge the quality of Tag Heuer replica watches. Not all expensive replica watches are of great quality, and not all cheap watches will be of poor quality. It’s necessary to combine price with materials and workmanship and finally you can make a good decision. On the other hand, it’s essential to find a reliable store to do business. According to the customer reviews and the policy, you will know much information of a store. Make an comparison amongst numerous stores, you will be capable of finding the best one to buy your coveted replica Tag Heuer watches.

Swiss Sports Longines Watches Are Charming Accessories in WatchJust

November 15th, 2013

Swiss-made watches have been regarded as perfect accessories presenting personal taste and Longines watches are indeed indispensable selections for people having a desire for tasteful wristwatches. Those famous watches form a long connection with the sports. Unquestionably, the excellent performance of Swiss Longines watches acting as the official timekeeper could offer the most satisfaction during all kinds of athletic events. Let me introduce an internationally-known sports watch stamped with Longines logo to you!


Swiss Longines watches


HydroConquest is a superb diving timepiece. The men who have an ambitious idea to conquer the sea or take a great interest in oceanic exploration should never miss such an extraordinary watch. Under severe environments, for a certainty this watch water resistant up to 300m could go well. Being highly functional and absolutely safe, Longines HydroConquest is considered as the perfect companion of the wrist in the deep underwater world.




Conquest is a watch collection looking not only sporting but also elegant and people loving sports do feel crazy about it. If you plan on taking part in a grand night party, wear this wonderful watch to complete your look as well as enhance individual temperament. It is sure that a terrific Longines Conquest watch can bring so much elegance and pride to you.


It seems that you don’t have any reason to overlook Longines watches at all. You’ve already taken to them, haven’t you? Get rid of all your doubts and purchase those outstanding and glamorous watches at once! Ignore the fact that celebrated watches are costly, please! Listen to my suggestion and shop for replica designer watches on offer on the Internet. Right, replica Longines watches online are inexpensive and charming items. I deem that you won’t be willing to let the chance of buying cheap watches slip away. The best way of experience well-known watches is to buy knockoffs for sale.

Experience the Enjoyment Brought by Breitling Replica in WatchJust

November 14th, 2013

If you walk in the street and ask a number of people what is their favorite designer watch, you’ll get many answers. However, if you ask them who can afford an authentic designer watch, most of them will give you negative answer. It is true that genuine luxury timepieces share a similarity: high price. Some people think that just because of the sky-high price tags, these designer watches are called luxuries. While, are luxuries specific accessories for the rich? The answer absolutely is no. To get a stylish luxury timepiece without costing money, maybe only replica watches online can achieve this goal.




It’s easy to find an online store to buy replica watches since there are thousands of online stores supplying these affordable luxuries. Amongst the brands of these replica watches, Breitling replica is noteworthy and eye-catching. The designs of Breitling replica watches are very special. To tell the truth, Breitling replica watches seem to be accessories for men because their sizes and intricate designs, but the fact is that Breitling replica watches are available to women and men, and men relatively are more interested in these replica watches.


SuperOcean Heritage Chronographe
A lot of people misunderstand that Breitling replica watches are created for professionals only. In fact, Breitling replica watches are able to meet different people’s demands. Whether the customer is professional or non-professional, there must be a style of Breitling replica that will fits for him or her. The most famous type of Breitling replica watches would be chronograph. Without any exaggeration, people who want to experience high technology and precise chronograph should choose Breitling replica watches without hesitation. These replica watches are known for their high accuracy and refined workmanship. With the addition of sophisticated artisanship, these timepieces become perfect compromises of functionality and design. They not only have good performance in keeping time or performing additional functions, but also can admirably enhance the wearers taste.


Nowadays, many people are fond of experiencing the enjoyment brought by Breitling replica watches. No matter how many designer replica watches you already own in your wardrobe, you shouldn’t miss to purchase Breitling replica at anytime.

WatchJust – The Large Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon Limited Edition Watch

November 13th, 2013

Cartier is widely known as a professional jeweler. In this fashion world, Cartier jewelry enjoys global reputation and they are worn by many celebrities and fashion idols. In fact, Cartier is a talented watchmaker at the same time. Cartier watches these days have established their important position in watchmaking.


Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon limited edition watch


Usually, different designer watches have different features, and Cartier watches are no exception. Cartier watches are not so functional as Breitling watches, or they are not so luxurious as Rolex watches. However, due to their specific glamour, Cartier watches are popular choices for fashion watches. Here, we are about to introduce a fascinating Cartier watch. It comes from Ronde Louis Cartier collection and features a dragon motif on the dial, so we will call it Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon watch.


When it comes to this Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon watch, the famous champlevé enamel technique should be mentioned. Due to this high-end and centuried technique, this Cartier watch looks so attractive and special. The bezel of the watch is full of diamonds, aiming at highlight the outline of the dragon motif engraved on the dial. It’s worth mentioning that the dragon motif is engraved by hand.


Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon limited edition watch

As we all know, dragon is a mythical animal, which usually stands for power. Cartier’s master craftsmen endowed the watch with power and creativity and finally the watch was created. This Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon watch actually consists of several kinds of materials. Besides brilliant-cut diamonds, the bezel, case and bracelet of this watch are made from 18K white gold. The dragon motif has a lively look. The beautiful red and opaque black champlevé enamel makes the dragon look more powerful and festival by contrast. There is a small counter at 10 o’clock, which is used for keeping small seconds. The hour hand, minute hand and the small seconds hand are all made from steel and they are in blue.


Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon watch is a timepiece for men. It is designed with a 42 mm diameter watch case and the thickness is 7.25 mm. To enhance its elegance, the watch is outfitted with a black semi-matte alligator strap. It is driven by a powerful mechanical manual-winding caliber 9754 MC. In addition, this Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon watch is a limited edition from Cartier, which means only a few lucky men can experience its glamour in person.